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04-February-2011 15:49 IST
Ministries Need to Focus on Sectoral Innovation Council- National Innovation Council

The National Innovation Council has proposed setting up of Sectoral Innovation Council by the Central Ministries for preparing a roadmap for a decade of innovations in the respective sectors. The aim is to facilitate the creation of multiple Sectoral Innovation Councils aligned to Central Government Ministries to drive competitive advantage in the identified sector. To take this initiative forward, a meeting was held with the Secretaries of Government of India where an introduction about the concept and framework of the proposed Sectoral Innovation Councils was given by Mr Sam Pitroda, Adviser to the PM, PIII. Discussions also centred on operationalising this vision through a framework for implementation.

During the meeting consensus emerged that the Sectoral Innovation Councils would be autonomous and decentralized bodies focused on preparing a Roadmap for a Decade of Innovations in the respective sectors. Further, each Ministry would have to take the lead in defining the critical sectors in its core area where innovation thinking is required. Hence, there could be the possibility of setting up multiple Sectoral Councils in each Ministry.

The Sectoral Innovation Councils would focus on co-opting domain experts for effective strategising on the needs and challenges in specific sectors. Private sector would have adequate representation on these proposed Councils to understand market needs and demands in the sectors as well as to ensure an industry focus. Also, there would be a need to address the cross cutting nature of certain subjects and hence the role of some Sectoral Councils would include involving and consulting stakeholders in other Ministries. It was also highlighted that a focus on process innovation within Government would be critical.