Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
10-December-2010 19:38 IST
DHOW with 31 Pirates Disabled by Indian Naval Ship in Gulf of Aden
On 8th Dec, in the Gulf of Aden, 166 Kms South of Yemen, INS Investigator, intercepted and disabled a dhow carrying 31 personnel with piracy triggers.

INS Investigator was on transit through the Gulf of Aden when a distress call was received from MV Naftocement 18, reporting a dhow attempting to close the ship. INS Investigator, took swift action to close the dhow and launch a boarding party. Investigations revealed six skiffs with six Out Board Motors (OBMs), one AK-47 with magazine and ammunition box, gas cylinders, fuel and fresh water drums on board the dhow. All equipment was rendered unavailable and the dhow disabled from launching possible piracy missions.

At the same time INS Gomati deployed in Gulf of Aden for anti-piracy escort duties, was escorting other Merchant Vessels 110 km East of the incident.

This incident marked the twenty sixth instance of successful disruption of piracy attempts by the Indian Navy since the anti piracy operations were commenced by the Indian Navy in Oct 08.