Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
06-May-2009 16:50 IST
Exercise Hind Shakti concluded
The Indian Army concluded a major training exercise named Hind Shakti today. It was a 72 hour long exercise conducted in the Punjab plains from 03rd May. The Exercise focused on practicing its premier corps, the KHARGA Corps, in conduct of offensive tasks.

The Exercise entailed participation by Mechanised and Re-organised Plains Infantry Division in a blitzkrieg type armoured incursion, emphasising rapid penetration into enemy territory. The Exercise included effective offensive support by air power and attack helicopters. Units of KHARGA Corps were also tested for their ability to undertake and sustain operational manoeuvres against intensive electronic and information warfare.

The condensed exercise was conducted over three days and nights. The Blue Land troops achieved battlefield transparency gaining knowledge of enemy deployment through sustained and constant surveillance of the battle space. They were constantly aided by satellite imagery, helicopter borne surveillance systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and ground-based surveillance resources such as Long Range Recce and observation system (LORROS), Battle field surveillance Radars (BFSRs) and Weapon Locating Radars (WLRs) apart from the human intelligence. With greater situational awareness achieved, the manoeuvres were performed through air craft borne, heliborne and land troops in a highly effective manner.

During the course of the exercise, the operational efficiency of the most potent force of Indian Army was put to test in war like conditions. Army successfully validated the capability of the KHARGA corps in network centric warfare, as also in a nuclear-biological-chemical warfare environment.

Lt Gen TK Sapru, GOC-in-C Western Command and Gen Deepak Kapoor, Army Chief witnessed the exercise. The Army Chief referred to the exercise as another step in army’s continued endeavour to fine tune its proactive strategy. He also complimented the KHARGA Corps for its operational readiness which he said was of an exceptionally high order.